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I'm very impressed with your writing skills as well as the layout of your blog.n Is this a paid theme or did you change it yourself? Most designers choose the theme of their site on their own. I really love my job and wish everyone good luck in mastering HTML and CSS, so that in the end everything will turn out well for you. I'm currently working on creating a design for a new theme that I've chosen to build my site on. I already have the title of the topic, but I haven't revealed it yet. I hope that soon I will post a link to it on the blog. Which tool do you prefer to use to change the appearance of the blog? I use PHP and through the control panel - ( - also a very simple and intuitive site that does not require special knowledge to use . Some users may use WordPress. What advice can you give to those about to start a blog?
To get started, I recommend that you register with so you can customize your blog in an intuitive way. On this site you will find a huge number of free templates with modules for your work. Just choose the template you like best, install the code you need on it and follow the instructions to set up the site. In a couple of weeks, the site is in your hands. If you don't have time to search for the right theme for your blog, you can use a WordPress template. It is not only very easy, but also very fast. What else would I like to advise beginners?
Do not put off registering on the site until later, otherwise you may miss a lot of opportunities. For a beginner blogger, registration on the site is free. Keep in mind that creating a site requires registering a domain name, so be sure to make sure that you have as much free space on the site as possible. I will be happy to advise you on how to do this. For example, you could rent a small house on the lake, which is located just 20 minutes away from you. In this scenario, you will not need to spend time on the trip. At the same time, you will save not only time, but money. On the WordPress site, you will find many themes, blogs, articles and other notes on various topics. If you keep busy working on your blog all the time, not only will it get in the way, but in the end you will not be able to create anything worthwhile, both in terms of content and in terms of the design of your blog as a whole. f02ee7bd2b